About Me

Designed by Nature

The decorations designed by Stefano Turco are for people who think slightly differently. The work starts from the basic principle that it is not fussy to want something to be perfect. The closest you could ever get to perfection is in the world around you. The harmonious relationship between the elements inspires, keeps you down to earth and with a clear head. This is why simple things are preferred.

My Values

I don't do things quickly, I do them well. All the raw materials I use in my decorations come from sustainable and ethical sources. Whether it's canvas, marbled, water-based or oil paint, I spend my time choosing the best you'll spend the rest of your life with. It seems like the least I can do for you. Since I don't believe in doing the minimum, I think you should know that I also have certification on all my products, just in case.

Phone: +39 349 3744873

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